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Frequent Questions

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What is the Flight Team?

 The G Tech Flyers Flight Team is a regionally competitive flight team from Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) in Greensboro, NC. The Team competes in Regional and National Safety Competitions known as SAFECON'S hosted by The National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA).

I'm not a pilot, can I still join?

Yes! The Team is open to both Current Pilots, Soon-To-Be Pilots, and Ground Personal.

     In the NIFA SAFECON Competition, there are ground events such as (E6B, Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN), Aircraft Identification (ACID), Pre-Flight, & Ground Trainers) that most of the 'ground personnel and some of the Pilots will compete in. During flight practice (when the pilots practice their spot landings), the ground crew plays a pivotal role in supporting the pilots and lifting the team to victory. The Message Drop event is also a event where a Pilot and Non-Pilot (Drop Master) participate in. The G? Tech Flyers is a team that cannot function without a well rounded ground crew.

If I join the team, when can I fly?

For new joining members who already posses at least their Private Pilot Certificate; all you have to do is fill out the required forms with the Safety Officer and Chief Pilot, and then be checked out with the Team Adviser and Coach.

Who pays the bill for the flight time?

You (The Pilot) are responsible for financing your own flight time during practices. Usually, if two pilots are checked out in the same aircraft, they will split the cost between each other; however that is between the pilots.

During Competition at the NIFA SAFECON, any pilot who flies will have their cost and fuel covered by GTCC and the Flight Team.

What is the practice schedule like?

Practice times are determined by the team officers at the beginning of the semester. Usually the time of best fit is chosen to reach as many of the members availability as possible. Most often, ground practice is held during the week generally in the afternoon or early evening hours.

Flight Practices are determined by the Flight Ops Officer in coordination with the Team Captain, Safety Officer, and Team Advisor. Most Flight Practices are held on Fridays (weather permitting) in the evening hours at Lexington Airport (KEXX).

Are there any other fees?

The Guilford Tech Flight Team has a set one time fee for all new members.

The Guilford Tech Flight Team has a set one time fee for all new members of $100.00 Dollars. This one time initiation fee covers the Membership and uniform costs, and includes 2 Official Flight Team Polo's, 1 Official Flight Team Jacket, and the use of a Official Team Safety Vest. This one time fee also includes the semester fee. This fee can be Paid in installments to the team Treasurer and is required to be paid in full before the team heads out to the SAFECON event.

After the Initiation fee has paid all returning members will only need to pay the regular Semester Membership Fee of: $35.00 dollars, each semester following the one that they joined in.

This fee covers the cost of Ground Practices and the equipment such as E6B's, test material, the cost of safety equipment used during Flight Practices such as Air-To-Ground radios, 2 way radios and Safety Vests.