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Guilford Tech Flight Team

The G’ Tech Flyers









Table of Contents:



Section I



Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV


Section I- Laws

Section II- Committees

Section III- Meetings

Section IV- Officer Meetings

Section V- Team Practices


Section IA – Officers

Section IB – Practice Teachers

Section II- Flight Team Captain

Section III- Chief Pilot

Section IV- Safety Officer

Section V – Treasurer

Section VI- Secretary

Section VII - Faculty Advisor

Section VIII - Coach


Section I – Qualifications

Section II- Active Member

Section III- Competitor

Section IV- Suspension and Re-Establishment of Membership


Section I - Requirements to Hold Office

Section II – Nominations

Section III – Elections


Section I- Dues

Section II- Dues Collection

Section III- Operation Officers Duties

Section IV- Willful Destruction of Private Property

Section V- Expenditures


Section I- Colors

Section II- Logo


Section I - Proposing Amendments

Section II - Adding Amendments






      Section I - This organization shall be formally and professionally known and recognized as The Guilford Tech Flight Team. This Organization May also be recognized as The G’ Tech Flyers respectively.




    I- To encourage and maintain an interest in aviation at Guilford Technical Community College and to promote connections between the students in aviation and the professionals in the field.

    II- To provide an educational experience to the students of Guilford Technical Community College in the areas of Aviation Safety, Leadership Skills, working in a team environment, and Community Involvement and Service.

    III- To represent Guilford Technical Community College in the public eyes as a Professional Aviation Organization.

    IV- To provide educational experiences through the spirit of competition in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Safety and Flight Competitions (SAFECON).




      Section I- Laws- The laws of this Flight Team shall consist of a Code of Conduct, Bylaws, and the GTFT Safety Program. Any laws of the team that conflict with the laws of NIFA will be considered null and void.

      Section II- Committees - The Flight Team Captain may form individual committees as the need arises. Each committee will be assigned the most appropriate team member and will be disbanded after their assigned task is accomplished, or if the faculty advisor feels as though the committee should be disbanded.


      Section III- Meetings- Meetings will be held on a weekly basis on a school day to be determined by the officers in coordination with the general members; this can be moved to a bi-weekly basis with the discretion of the Flight Team Captain in coordination with the remaining officers. The time, date and location will be put on the website up-held by the Secretary. The Flight Team Captain as needed may call additional meetings. Officers are required to meet no less than one (1) quarter hour before any general meetings to be held, to have ready the material to be presented during the following general meeting.


      Section IV- Officer Meetings- Officer meetings will be held on a schedule TBD by the current Officer Staff of the semester schedule or the Coach/Faculty Advisor. The meetings shall not be less than one (1) for every two (2) general meetings.

Section V- Team Practices- Flight Events - All members who wish to participate in the Regional or National SAFECON Flight Events Competition, MUST attend at a minimum the number of practices predetermined by the Officer Staff, Coach, and Faculty Advisor, and receive a Sign Off by the Coach and or Faculty Advisor.

Ground Events- All members who wish to participate in the Regional or National SAFECON Ground Events Competition, MUST, attend at a minimum the number of practices predetermined by the Officer Staff, Coach, and Faculty Advisor.



      Section IA - Officers- - This Flight Team of Guilford Teach shall consist of the following officers, A Flight Team Captain (President), A Chief Pilot (Vice-President), A Safety Officer, A Secretary, Treasurer, Faculty Adviser, and Coach.

      Section IB- Practice Teachers - At a time when it is deemed necessary the Flight Team Captain and/or other flight team officers can nominate event and practice teachers accordingly toward their event; the event teacher nominee can decline the nomination.

      Section II- Flight Team Captain (President)- the Flight Team Captain shall preside over all other officers and at all Flight Team meetings; unless deviated by the Faculty Advisor or Coach. He or she shall be the official spokesperson for flight team. The Flight Team Captain shall have equal voting privileges. It shall be the Flight Team Captain’s duty to carry out the policies and actions and uphold the Code of Conduct of the Flight Team.


      Section III- Chief Pilot (Vice President) - It shall be the duty of the Chief Pilot to assume the outlined duties of the Flight Team Captain in case of the Flight Team Captains temporary absence or incapacitation. The Chief Pilot will oversee all pilots and flight events of competition and Flight Team sanctioned events. He or she shall lead flight practices, briefings, and debriefings. He or she will report to the Flight Team Captain, Team Advisor, And Coach.

      Section IV- Safety Officer- It shall be the duty of the Safety Officer to maintain the safety and integrity of flight and ground operations performed by the Team; including but not limited to the Flight Practices, Flight Competition, Flight Team Meetings, and Social Events. The Safety Officer shall also be charged with the upkeep of Safety Records; including but not limited to Pilot Records, Flying and Ground Observations, the Safety Program, and Safety Briefings. He or She will also be responsible for the Team Equipment during Practices and Competitions. He/She will oversee Ground Operations of the Team.

      Section V- Treasurer - It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to maintain all financial records of the Flight Team. The operations Officer is also responsible for the creation and implementation of fundraising and social gatherings involving the Flight Team. 

      Section VI- Secretary- It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep accurate and up to date records of the flight team on the official website, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. The Secretary is also responsible for recording and making available the Meeting Minutes of all general members meetings, phone lists, attendance records of all Flight Team practices and meetings, and calendar events.

     Section VII- Faculty Advisor - The Advisor will be the mediator between Flight Team and the Aviation Department of Guilford Technical Community College and will confer directly with the current Flight Team Captain and/or Coach when dealing with Flight Team matters. The Advisor will inform the Flight Team Captain and/or Coach of all aviation events, matters, and concerns dealing with Flight Team. He or she shall be selected by the current officers upon his or her willingness for participation in the Flight Team.

Section VIII- Coach – The Coach of the Flight Team will be responsible for the overall operations of the Flight Team at Practices, Training Events, and Ground Lessons, Regional and National Competitions. It will be the Coaches duty to serve the best interest of the Flight Team and to act as a Mentor, and Teacher. The Coach will be responsible in addition to the Faculty Advisor in approving the final roster for the Team for Regional and National SAFECONS. The Coach will be expected to uphold all rules and regulations of both the Guilford Technical Community College and The Flight Team. The Coach will be responsible to train and work directly with the teachers of the Ground, Flight, and Safety Events.



      Section I - Qualifications - Membership shall be open to all students of Guilford Technical Community College with an interest in aviation regardless of race, color, age, religion, sex, or handicap.

       Section II- Active Member- To be considered active, members must attend at least eighty (80) % percent of all general meetings and activities unless in conflict with any academic, family, employment, or religious responsibilities as long as a current officer is made aware of the situation a minimum of (1) Day before the meeting is to commence. It will also be the responsibility of the member to receive and review the meeting minutes of the meeting that is to be or was missed. To maintain active and attend any function of the flight team besides meetings, members must also be in good financial status with the flight team. Emergency Situations will be addressed on a case by case basis and will be up to the discretion of the Coach and/or Faculty Advisor. MEMBERSHIP DOES NOT GUARENTEE A SLOT ON THE FINAL COMPETITOR ROSTER FOR NIFA EVENTS.

       Section III- Competitor- A competitor is a member of the flight team who is a participant in at least (2) Two NIFA events. Competitors with a current, valid private pilot’s license may participate in flight events if they have been cleared as, “Ready to Fly” by the Faculty Advisor and Coach before the member can be declared a competitor in flight events. Flight event competitors are also required to participate in at least one ground event.

       Section IV- Suspension and Re-Establishment of Membership- should any member fall below the standards set forth in these by-laws, their membership shall be suspended for a minimum of one (1) semester. To re-establish membership the offender shall show the current officers the actions that led to the suspension have been corrected; and the member shall need to be in good financial standing with the flight team. A vote by the current officers, Faculty Advisor, and Coach will decide the re-establishment or continued suspension of the offender; with a majority rule decision.


      Section I - Requirements to Hold Office- Each candidate must be an active member. The member must also demonstrate dedication, motivation, and faithfulness. The requirements for each Officer position are as follows;

Flight Team Captain - Minimum (2) semesters at GTCC in good standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0, Competed in at least (1) Regional SAFECON, have held a previous officer position, and receive approval from the Faculty Advisor/Coach.

Flight Operations Officer – (Chief Pilot) - Minimum FAA requirements: Private Pilot License, accompanied by at least FAA Third Class Medical or meets Federal Requirements for FAA Basic Med program. Maintains at least a 2.5 GPA, Has competed in at least 1 NIFA Regional or National SAFECON, Has attended at least 1 full semester at GTCC, and has attended at least 2 GTFT Flight Practices with multiple aircraft in the pattern.

Safety Officer – Maintains at least a 2.5 GPA and has attended at least 1 Regional or National SAFECON Competition and has been part of the Safety Team for at least 1 full semester.

Treasurer – Maintains at least a 2.5 GPA, has attended at least 1 Regional or National SAFECON, and is subject to the approval of the Faculty Advisor.

Secretary – Maintains at least a 2.5 GPA and has attended at least 1 Regional or National SAFECON.


      Section II – Nominations- Active members may nominate other active members for office during the spring or fall semester election period, following the Regional NIFA SAFECON. The member nominated has the right to accept or refuse the nomination. Members may be nominated to run for more than one office; but may only hold one office if elected.

      Section III – Elections- All members nominated for office will be given a set period of time during the separate election meeting to promote themselves. Elections will be a secret ballot and will be tallied by the Faculty Advisor and/or Coach. The date of the elections will be determined by the Current Officer Staff with the input of the Faculty Advisor and/or Coach.



      Section I- Dues- Dues are set at the amounts of $35.00 for returning members, $100.00 for new members. Dues include the cost of two (2) Team polo jerseys and one (1) Team jacket. Members will be notified of the voted amount at least one (1) week in advance of the collection period.

      Section II- Dues Collection and Refunds- Dues are to be collected no later than the first week of the third month in the school semester. DUES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, and does not guarantee a spot on the final team roster for Regional and National Competitions or other school and team sponsored events. A signup sheet will be required to be signed by the Member stating the information above.    


Section III- Treasurer- It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to deposit all monies received within a period not to exceed 5 business days following the date of receipt.

      Section IV- Willful Destruction of Private Property- Should any fees be incurred due to the purposeful and willful destruction of private property during a Guilford Technical Community College - Flight Team sponsored event by any member, or group of members (consisting of less than one-third 1/3 attending membership) then the guilty party(s) shall be held financially liable to make restitutions.

      Section V- Expenditures- Expenditures of the Guilford Tech Flight Team funds require majority approval of the membership.  Supplies necessary for maintaining the Flight Team or supplies for an organized Flight Team event can be purchased without vote so as long as the majority of the officers agree that the expenditure is reasonable and justified. 




      Section I- Colors- The official colors of this flight team shall be green, white, and gold.

      Section II- Logo- The official logo of this flight team shall be patterned as follows.

see logo in pictures


      Section I - Proposing Amendments- Proposed amendments must be submitted to the officers in writing. The proposed amendment will be presented to the officers of The Guilford Tech Flight Team at the next Officer meeting.


      Section II - Adding Amendments- All changes to this constitution must be approved by a majority vote of the current team officers. All amendments must be inserted at the points they affect.



·      Article I - Respect- Members will have respect for themselves and for other members of the team. Team members will show all due respect and courtesy to other teams, officials, professionals, and other persons at all times. 

·      Article II - Appearance- Team members will appear neat and professional when wearing flight team uniform/polo shirts.

·      Article III - Image- While at team functions, team members will behave in a manner that reflects positively on the flight team and Guilford Technical Community College. Members must earnestly strive for professionalism and promote good will and the image of a professional organization in the mind of the public. Any conduct that damages the teams’ image will result in disciplinary action. Members will conduct themselves in a manner above reproach in the public’s View.

·      Article IV – Leadership Traits- Members will be honest, trustworthy, sincere, decent, and able to initiate self-control. Members will be ready and willing to lend assistance to other team members of the team and those around them; in a practice of sportsmanship, dedication, motivation, and fidelity.

·      Article V – Safety - Members will always operate in a safe manner, as any unsafe activity is a reflection on the team image. Any act deemed unsafe is to and must be reported to the Safety Officer, Flight Team Captain, Coach, and Faculty Adviser.

·      Article VI – Enforcement- The Faculty Adviser will be responsible for the enforcement of the By-Laws and Code of Conduct.

·      Article VII – Harassment- No form of harassment, bullying, intimidation or peer pressure will be tolerated on the Flight Team by any Member, Visitor, Officer, Faculty Advisor, or Coach. This will include but not be limited to texts, voice calls, written statements, verbal communication and abuse of officer rank over general members. The 1ST offense will be dealt with a meeting with the Faculty Advisor, and the 2nd offense will be cause for suspension of membership from the Guilford Tech Flight Team for at least 1 full Semester.