Guilford Tech Flight Team


                                            CODE OF CONDUCT

·      Article I - Respect- Members will have respect for themselves and for other members of the team. Team members will show all due respect and courtesy to other teams, officials, professionals, and other persons at all times. 

·      Article II - Appearance- Team members will appear neat and professional when wearing flight team uniform/polo shirts.

·      Article III - Image- While at team functions, team members will behave in a manner that reflects positively on the flight team and Guilford Technical Community College. Members must earnestly strive for professionalism and promote good will and the image of a professional organization in the mind of the public. Any conduct that damages the teams’ image will result in disciplinary action. Members will conduct themselves in a manner above reproach in the public’s mind.

·      Article IV – Leadership Traits- Members will be honest, trustworthy, sincere, decent, and able to initiate self-control. Members will be ready and willing to lend assistance to other team members of the team and those around them; in a practice of sportsmanship, dedication, motivation, and fidelity.

·      Article V – Safety - Members will operate in a safe manner at all times, as any unsafe activity is a reelection on the team image. Any act deemed unsafe is to and must be reported to the Safety Officer, Flight Team Captain and the Faculty Adviser.

·      Article VI – Enforcement- Members and the Faculty Adviser will be responsible for the enforcement of the By-Laws and Code of Conduct.

·      Article VII – Harassment- No form of harassment, bullying, intimidation or peer pressure will be tolerated on the Flight Team by any Member, Visitor, Officer, Faculty Adviser, or Coach. This will include but not be limited to texts, voice calls, written statements, verbal communication and abuse of officer rank over general members. The 1ST offense will be dealt with a meeting with the Faculty Adviser, and the 2nd offense will be cause for suspension of membership from the Guilford Tech Flight Team for at least 1 full Semester.